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Tom Dustin: Oct 17-20

Tom Dustin enjoys partly true stories with sad endings. He was born the middle child of a drunken used car salesman and a blind "little person". It was as a toddler that Tom made the decision to talk to people for money. In his first year doing stand-up, he won the Sam Adams Comedy Contest, beating out more than 50 comics and discovering a taste for Sam Adams. He's been a staple at the Boston Comedy Festival for years and has worked alongside some of the nation's top acts like Nick DiPaolo, Jim Norton, Dave Attell, Doug Stanhope, Bobby Collins, Lisa Lampanelli and the cast of Whose Line is it Anyway? Onstage, his unmatched likeability allows him to push comedy to its limit without fear. Offstage, he's a mean, self-hating manic-depressive who unsuccessfully tries to be a good person up to two days per week. The Boston Globe called Tom "young, fresh and funny", which was nice. But when another entertainment reporter wrote "Dustin is dry, vulgar and hilarious", Tom stabbed her in the chest 28 times and was found covered in blood, screaming "Am I dry now?!" The reporter survived and fell in love with Tom. They married and lived happily, until their marriage ended 28 days later due to an argument over the horror film: 28 Weeks Later. Tom died today at 28 years old. His favorite Ralph Waldo Emerson quote was "Truth is beautiful, without doubt; but so are lies."


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