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Silvia Saige: July 24

Known as Los Angeles' go-to late night comic, Silvia Saige brings her unique pornspective to

light, with a hilarious blend of honesty and authenticity.

Starring in a 2016 HBO Movie - Wicked Deeds, as well as in the 2020 Hulu Documentary

OnlyFans: Selling Sexy Online, Silvia has appeared in numerous publications, including The

New York Times and VICE Magazine. But she is most recognized for her eight years as an

adult film actress.

A Kansas City native, Silvia aims to change how people view - not only women and sex - but the conversation about sex in general. Because of this, she also hosts her very own Sex-Ed podcast “SexyFunnyRaw” which can be found on YouTube and all streaming platforms.

Silvia Saige has proudly performed at Caroline’s, The Comedy Store, Broadway Comedy

Club, The Stand, The Funny Bone, The Improv, The Laugh Factory, and other clubs across

the country.

Silvia puts her unique brand of humor, razor-sharp wit and medical knowledge on full display on stage for her fans. She is the real, raw, uncut version of sex positivity and is making it her

mission to normalize sex with her comedy.

Get ready for an unfiltered, honest, and hilarious ride with Silvia Saige!


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