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Pat Godwin: October 11-12

Pat Godwin is a clever and prolific comedy songwriter and one of the funniest live comedians in the business. He is completely in the moment on stage, while weaving in and out of original songs, improvised material and bits. Pat worked for 6 years as a part of The Morning Zoo at WMMR in Philadelphia. He was a frequent guest and contributor to both Howard Stern’s radio and TV shows. Pat got major airplay on terrestrial and satellite radio with his album, Under The Bed, which contained contained the hits, Gangsta Folk, Gone Bad, and First Date. Pat appeared on NBC’s Last Comic Standing and is currently a full-time member of the nationally syndicated Bob & Tom Show. Paddy G., (as he is commonly called) won this year’s top prize in The International Songwriting Competition in the Comedy/Novelty category.


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