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Meghan Hanley: Feb 14-18

MEGHAN HANLEY, fresh off her feature in Forbes Magazine, is a Brooklyn based, internationally touring stand-up comedian, who has appeared on AXSTV’s “Gotham Comedy Live,” The MSG Network, DreamsTV, Fox’s “Laughs” and “Red Eye.” Throughout the pandemic Meghan zoomed from her apartment for private events, fundraisers, and corporate clients, including The NFL, Bank of America, The Girl Scouts, Intel, Samsung and ZeniMax Online Studios. While at home, she also teamed up with, a non profit, that kept comedians at work, while putting food into the food bank, through Feeding America. In November 2021, she filmed a “Dry Bar” Comedy Special, with a 2023 release and in January of 2023, her comedy album, “This Happy,” debuted at number one, for five days straight, on iTunes. Hanley’s quick wit and upbeat persona, have lead to her being featured in several Festivals, and two tours with Armed Forces Entertainment, providing laughter to our Troops overseas. As a writer/presenter, Meghan co-wrote and co-hosted the program for Fordham University’s Inaugural Athletics Gala, as well as Advertising Week NY’s“The Future is Female Awards.” Additionally, Meghan smiles a lot, which some people find suspicious, but mostly endearing.

***February 14th show, all ladies will receive a flower for valentines day!***


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