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Lou Palomino: November 12

Lou Palomino , Chicago native turned southerner shares his perspective on raising a family in unfamiliar territory along with his unique ways of handling everyday life struggles.

Whether it be disciplining his kids, not accepting his age or celebrating 21 years of marriage , Lou will surprise you with his unorthodox approach to these all too common scenarios.

Lou is a Master Mercedes-Benz Technician turned YouTuber (Master Tech Lou) who started comedy in his late 30’s at what he feels is “The perfect age to start. Having 30+ years of life experiences to pull from, I find myself connecting with the audience on so many levels.”

Lou currently resides in Hanna City, Illinois. Having made Peoria’s Jukebox Comedy Club his second home, he has hosted and featured for some of the industry’s best comedians such as April Macie, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Ben Bailey, Chris Franjola, Nate Craig, Mike Armstrong, Ryan Niemiller , Tina Dybal, Jay Mohr, Willy Grizwold and Greg Hahn, the list goes on and on.


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