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Eddie Gossling: January 4-7 *Special Engagement*

You might have never seen or heard of me. That is because as for the last 12 years I have been a writer/producer on the comedy central show tosh.0. I don't know what you think is funny. What you are looking for in comedy, I can tell you I don't do magic, ventriloquism or hypnotize people. But what I do have are a very particular set of comedy skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career.

Before I started writing on tosh.0 I was a regular at many comedy clubs across the country. I have appeared at the Montreal Comedy Festival as both a New Faces and Gala performer. I have been on Jimmy Kimmel, had my own Comedy Central Special, and I think you will find my ability to slip in out of characters on stage is the reason I voiced the vulture “Scraw” in the Disney animated feature, “The Wild.”

I now host a weekly Podcast with my wife and fellow comedian Megan Mooney, “I won’t Listen” from our garage in Los Angeles, California. (weather permitting)


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