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Dwayne Perkins: February 14-18

Brooklyn native Dwayne Perkins is a vet in the comedy game. His one hour comedy

special: “Dwayne Perkins: Take Note” debuted on Netflix to rave reviews and

instantly became a fan favorite. It showcases his unique way of looking at life and his

unparalleled ability to convey it in a hilarious manner. Take Note was already in the top

50 Netflix comedy specials of all time only 2 months after being released. Dwayne has

earned a spot in today’s elite class of standup comics with several appearances on

Comedy Central and Conan. Dwayne is the author of the book, “Hot Chocolate For

The Mind,” A collection of humorous essays. Dwayne co-wrote and starred in the

feature suspense film “Dying To Kill,” now on Amazon, where he plays a stand-up

comic who has to get laughs or die trying. His recurring piece on The Jay Leno Show,

“Great White Moments in Black History,” was a viewer favorite. Dwayne’s Dry Bar

Specials have gone viral with several clips having over 10 million views.. His comedic

instincts and acting skills shine through in the indie film Target Audience 9.1. Where he

provides comic relief as the funny likable geek.

***February 14th show, all ladies will receive a flower for valentines day!***


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