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Dov Davidoff: June 23-25

Combining hyper ADD with an amusingly acute take on things, Dov Davidoff puts on a high intensity stand-up show, making him an audience favorite. There’s no doubt that Davidoff has established himself as one of the MUST-SEE acts on the scene today.

As an actor, Dov played opposite Mark Wahlberg in the film Invincible, as well as ongoing roles on NBC’s Shades of Blue, and HBO’s Crashing. He’s also been seen on The League on FX, Raines on NBC, Law & Order, Boston Legal, and Maron.

As a comedian, Davidoff has written and performed two one-hour stand-up specials for television and has appeared on The Tonight Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Chappelle’s Show, Showtime, Comedy Central, and many others. His comedy album, The Point Is… (Recorded live at Comedy Works), was voted one of the Top Ten Comedy Albums of the year on iTunes and in Punchline magazine. Dov performs at comedy venues across the country and recently had a memoir published by St. Martin’s Press entitled Road Dog, life and reflections of a stand-up comic from the road.


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