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Mr. Derick: September 21-24

Recently spotlighted on the Joe Rogan Experience, Mr. Derick is one of the fastest

rising comedians in the country. The Just for Laughs Festival, where he has

appeared 5 times, describes Mr. Derick’s act as “Clever comedy with a quick left turn

into absurdity!” The Montreal Gazette writes, “This comedian can make high,

hilarious comedy out of any subject!” Other credits included a 1hr television special

for the Comedy Network, an appearance on FOX TV, and 2 Canadian Comedy Award


Mr. Derick’s act is a blend of searing social commentary and skilled character

performance that he honed as a student in the Second City Conservatory in Chicago.

Mr. Derick is originally from Montreal, but now makes his home in Chicago where he

recently became a U.S. citizen.


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